Auka has over 12 years R&D experience in LCD display industry, and provides professional service for global clients.

        With more than 12 years experience in display technology and image processing technology, Auka Started from the most basic of LCD monitors, Auka successively launched a variety of civilian and special display devices, such as Camera & Broadcasting Monitors, Touch VGA/HDMI Monitors for industrial application, USB Monitors Series, Marine & Medical Monitors, Embedded Computer Platforms, MDT, Test Instruments, Home Automation Devices, and other Special LCD Displays. Auka ’s mature technology and many years’ experience of precipitation can meet the users' requirements which has grown ever more harsh vision and experience. The core technology of Auka elect. is shown as follows:


  • Video & Image Process, LCD Display, FPGA
  • ARM, Digital Signal Process, High Frequency Circuit Design, Embedded Computer System
  • GPS Nav, Sonar System, Digital Multi-media Entertainment

          We strongly believe that Innovation and Technology Orientation are the most important factors in our competitive business advantages. Therefore, we reinvest 20%-30% of our total profit back into R&D each year. Our R&D team owns more than 50 engineers, who are sophisticated talents in Circuit & PCB Design, IC Programming and Firmware design, Industrial Design, Process Design, System Integration, Software and HMI Design, Prototype Testing & Verification, etc. Equipped with advanced technologies, they are working collaboratively in providing customers with extremely wide ranges of new products, and also in meeting a variety of customized requirements from all over the world.


          Our R&D Competitive Advantages as follows:

  • Full Service Spectrum
  • Competitive Design & Manufacturing Cost
  • Solid & Complete Technology Platforms
  • Unique and Outstanding Talent
  • Abundant External Resources
  • Expedited R&D Lead Time
  • Flexible Order Volume Acceptable