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10.1 inch USB Touchscreen Monitor
    发布时间: 2018-01-05 19:39    
Product Description
10.1 Inch LCD USB Touchscreen Monitor
1. NOT DC power, just USB Powered
2. NOT VGA input, just USB Input
3.4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
4. Panel Size: 10.1" LED

10.1 inch USB Monitor &Touchscreen&Use as Multiple Input Device Functions:

Product Feature:
Touch & Play
Just Suit Yourself
NOT DC power, just USB Powered
NOT VGA input, just USB Input
4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen
USB Device Interface

One cable does it all!
Innovation USB-only connection---add monitors without adding clutter!

A USB Powered Touch Screen Monitor as Multiple Input/Output Device for Video Conference, Instant Messaging, News, Office applications, Game map or toolboxs, Photo Frame and Stock Casting, etc.

How to use it?

Installing Monitor Driver (AutoRun);
Click on display setting icon on system tray and see the menu;
Setup menu for Screen Resolution, Colors, Rotation and Extention, etc.
OS: Windows 2000 SP4/XP SP2/Vista 32bit/Win7 32bit

What can you do with it?

UM101T has thousands of useful and fun applications: Keep your main display clutter free, park your Instant Messaging windows, keep your application palettes on it, use it as a digital picture frame, as a dedicated stock ticker display, put your gaming maps on it.
UM101T is great for use with a small laptop or netbook because of its light weight and single USB connection, it can travel with your laptop, no power brick needed!

Business (Retail, Healthcare, Finance)
Integrate into point-of-purchase or point-of-registration process
Cost-effective method to have multiple consumers/customers register, enter information, and authenticate
Use one computer for multiple users (with virtualization software - not included)

Monitor online auctions

One PC Can connect 6pcs USB Powered Monitors at the same time

Can be used on meeting or school etc

Description 10.1"Touchscreen USB Monitor
Model UM-101T
Brightness 250cd/m²
Touch  Screen 4-Wire Resistive Touch(5-Wire for Optional)
Touch Interface USB 
Dot Resolution 1024*600 pixels ,up to1920*1440(1366*768 pixels for optional)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Backlight  LED
Response time 8ms
Viewing Angle 45°/45°(L/R) 25°/45°(U/D)
Input Signals USB
Input Voltage USB(DC 5V±10%)
Power Consumption ≤6W
working Temperature -20ºC~50ºC
storage Temperature -30ºC~65ºC
Unit Size 255L×163W×34H mm
255 L*163 W×69 H mm (folding)
255 L×150 W×236 H mm (stretching)
Unit Weight 1018g

Folding Bracket

 Be available to stretch & folding

 Wall Mount possible