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          Product Portfolio

The company has been producing and delivering both standardized and customized products since 2005. Its major product lines include: Camera & Broadcasting Monitors, FPV Monitor, Touch VGA/HDMI Monitors for industrial application, USB Monitors Series, Marine & Medical Monitors, Embedded Computer Platforms, MDT, Test Instruments, Home Automation Devices, and other Special LCD Displays.

          Professional OEM & ODM Services – transfer your ideas to a tangible device or system


AUKA is highly experienced in designing and customizing Electronic Control Devices specified by the customer’s needs. AUKA offers full-line R&D technical services including industrial design & system structure design, PCB design & hardware design, firmware & software design.


              Cost-Effective Manufacturing Service – deliver full-package service to achieve your business goal


AUKA has been engaging in volume production of both standardized and customized electronic products since 2005. Through the years, AUKA has accumulated abundant experience and competence in manufacturing, such as Mass Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, etc.